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This is a game created by Napoleon Martinez and Alex Ogorek. 

In the game, two players each select a country to represent in a Berlin Airdrop-inspired game about seeing who can provide supplies to the populace below in need of help. It's a game about being the good guy first, perhaps altruistically. Perhaps. 

The controls are left and right using Q/W or U/I depending on which player you are. You must dodge the flying bombs which will slow you down for a set amount of time as depicted by the bar at the top. Using the indicators in the middle of the screen, the goal is to get to the bottom before the other player. Afterwards, a win animation will play.

This was my (Napoleon Martinez) first game ever and was developed for the USC Makers of Entertaining Games Association's first game jam of the 2014-2015 school year at the University of Southern California.

Check out my latest game (November 14th, 2014) "Cuddle Coddle" at nappyxiii.itch.io/cuddle-coddle!